Elisabeth Haich & Selvarajan Yesudian – SELF HEALING, YOGA & DESTINY

Elisabeth Haich & Selvarajan Yesudian

Through her best selling books, such as Initiation, Elisabeth Haich has become

world famous for her profound understanding of the human soul. The Yoga schools she set up with Selvarajan Yesudian, have become internationally renowned. Designed to reconnect you with the Divine, the concepts in this book explain the attitudes necessary for the path back to one’s self. Based on many years personal experience, the authors create an understanding of how to realize the essential source of life.

Learn Elisabeth Haich & Yesudian’s personal views on:

    • Love
    • Accidents
    • Suffering
    • Karma
    • Destiny
    • Black & White Magic


  • Illness
  • Self Healing & Transformation

A wealth of insightful information is contained in this book to help you gain an expanded view of your life and consciousness.

“When we look about us in our daily living, we see how greatly people suffer in the chains they have forged fo

r themselves, even when they are filled with longing for freedom. Is there any way for man to be free? To be free is to be free from the deceptive magic of the material world.”

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ISBN 0-943358-06-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-06-2
Paperback • 90 Pages • 5 1⁄2” x 8 1⁄2”