Dr. Marc Edmund Jones – Bio

Dr. Marc Edmond Jones
Marc Edmund Jones
October 1, 1888 — March 8, 1980
Marc Edmund Jones was an original. He dropped out of high school to go into business and years later he completed his formal education with a Ph.D. in philosophy from Columbia University. He participated in the creation of the movie in-dustry by writing scenarios in the very early days and was instrumental in founding what later became the Screen Writer's Guild. He was a Presbyterian clergyman and served in a par¬ish for five years. He was a philosopher, author of the major work, Occult Philosophy. However, most people knew him as an astrologer.
Marc Jones began the study of astrology in 1913. In 1922, working with a psychic, Elsie Wheeler, he developed the sym-bols for each degree of the Zodiac, which have become known as the Sabian Symbols. In 1923 he worked out his Key Prin-ciples of Astrology for use with his regular classes. This base
was expanded in the following years as he developed 12 sets of lessons for his students, presenting in mimeographed form a comprehensive but condensed version of a variety of approaches to astrology.
While working on his Ph.D. in New York, Marc came out in the open with his ideas on reforming astrology. Some of the problems he saw in the way astrology was usually prac¬ticed included assigning rulership to planets, over-personifi¬cation of symbols, creation of "influences," unnecessary con¬fusion over the distortion of houses, confusion between signs and houses, viewing the signs as quite set in nature, and taking the zodiac as a mystic conglomeration of heavenly influences upon man to which he must submit.
In his increasing efforts to correct such misunderstand¬ings, Marc Jones traveled and lectured in many parts of the country. In these talks he did not refer to "benefics" and ‘`malefics" in the chart. And he challenged the age-old notion that the power is in the stars, that the chart creates the des¬tiny. Instead, he taught that astrology properly used helps clients see more clearly their own tendencies so they can decide for themselves what they want to do with those tendencies.
Beginning with the period in New York, he produced the series of books which had been projected years earlier as the rigorous presentation of techniques worked out in the mim-eographed lessons. His plan was reinforced both by the grow¬ing public interest in astrology and by his position as occult book editor for the David McKay Book Company. Eleven astrological books were written and published over the years from 1941-1979. His last work, The Counseling Manual in Astrology, had been written and most of the type set at the time of his death, and publication was completed posthu¬mously.
In his later years, Marc Jones was widely recognized for his valuable contribution to astrology, and was customarily and affectionately referred to as the dean of American astrology.
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