Katrina Raphaell – Bio

Katrina Raphaell has extensively worked with New Age Healing Arts for over 16 years. Her professional experi-ence includes: nursing, teaching and practicing massage therapies, and other related healing modalities. While Director of Health Care for a natural drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, she had the opportunity to apply her knowledge of nutrition, herbology, hydrotherapy, yoga, meditation technologies, kinesiology, flower essences, homeopathy and various forms of natural healing methods.
Through her studies and healing work, Katrina became increasingly aware of the mental and emotional imbalances associated with physical dis-ease. As the world of crystals opened up to her, Katrina was guided to use the energies of light and color to balance the more subtle aspects of our being—emotional, mental, subcon-scious and spiritual. Applying the information received in her personal meditations, she experienced first hand information, about how to utilize the light forces within the mineral kingdom to benefit oneself and others.
To bring this information to a wider audience, Katrina authored Crystal Enlightenment in 1985, which was the result of her personal study, work with clients and research. The material contained in her books, is part of a sacred knowledge, on how to use crystals and stones for healing and the expansion of consciousness. In order to facilitate the art of Crystal Healing, Ms. Raphaell opened the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in Taos, New Mexico, making available intensive seminars, and courses for in depth studies. The Crystal Academy also encourages further gathering of information and research into the potential and as yet undiscovered qualities of crystals. Nationally, Katrina is a popular lecturer, and with translations of her books in other languages, is invited to participate internationally in workshops and conferences.