Dane Rudhyar -The Galactic Dimension of Astrology

Dane Rudhyar - The Galactic Dimension Of Astrology - The Sun Is Also A Starcover The Galactic Dimension of Astrology .  In this book, Rudhyar expands traditional Astrological philosophy by introducing a galactic view of the solar system.

“When the Sun is seen as the star it fundamentally is, a galactic frame of reference takes form in the consciousness of man, and it brings to all patterns and events of our traditional solar system a potentially new meaning. The entire solar system is seen in a new light, the light of the relationship it has to the Galaxy.” —RUDHYAR

“A deepened understanding of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can guide us towards experiencing the galactic level of consciousness. The “challenge of galacticity” to humanistic astrology releases new perspectives when applied to individual horoscopes. His new interpretations of the transsaturnian planets provide a vehicle to transform how we use Astrology in our daily lives, and for the evolving planet we live on. I am impressed by the thought that of all the books I have read on Astrology, Rudhyar’s works eclipse all others. He has the very special gift of always keeping before our minds the whole. His ability to dissect and analyze, to show the relation between the parts and finally to relate the parts to the whole, is a most exceptional one. Reading Rudhyar,

I am forever impressed by his ability to put in words, what is even difficult to express or understand when conceived in more symbolic, cryptic forms of communication. He is forever awakening in us the relatedness of all things, their profound spiritual significance. This is the sense of the whole which, when relayed to us by an Astrologer, lifts Astrology to its proper place and puts us in our proper place with respect to its aim and purpose.” —Henry Miller

Rudhyar revolutionized twentieth-century astrology, using the symbolic language of the stars and planets to explore the nature of spiritual destiny. His is an astrology concerned less with measurement than with meaning, with the sense of purpose and connectedness to the universe which he thought was essential to a harmonious and positive life.

—DR. NICK CAMPION, Director Bath Spa University College PhD Astrology program, author of Mundane Astrology, and The Book of World Horoscopes

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