Dr. Marc Edmund Jones – HORARY ASTROLOGY

Horary Astrology - cover imageDR. MARC EDMUND JONES – HORARY ASTROLOGY -  Practical Techniques for Problem Solving with a Primer of Symbolism Initially published in 1943, revised and updated in 1971, Horary Astrology is the first major work on this divinitory aspect of Astrology in 300 years. Without depriving the individual of the opportunity to make his own decisions, the art of locating a question and answer provides instructive information that can be beneficially applied to everyday problems. Dr. Jones demonstrates how Horary Astrology can be used to provide psychological insights, and a key to new growth and understanding.

This book is a complete manual revealing the inside workings of human nature. Life opens all its doors through Horary Astrology and these pages contain the secret of the art. Dr. Jones includes:

  • Charting the Pertinent Moment
  • Phrasing the Question
  • Locating the Question
  • The Yes & No Technique
  • The Judgment Chart
  • Multiple Questions
  • Inaugural Horoscopes
  • Planetary Dynamics
  • A Primer of Symbolism

Everything has its circumstantial threads of relationship. Dr. Jones reveals from his vast Astrological experience the techniques that uncover their meanings.

“The first serious attempt by a serious humanistic practitioner to grapple with the philosophical and astrological challenges provided by Horary Astrology. His discussions of “Phrasing the Question” and Locating the Question” are among the best available.”

—J. Lee Lehman, PH.D,
Dean, Kepler College

ISBN 0-943358-39-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-39-0
Paperback • 464 Pages • 5” X 8”

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