cover Cosmic Influences on Human BehaviorCosmic Influences on Human Behavior is a work which offers scientific support for Astrology. The Planetary Factors in Personality Astrological theory implies a relation between vocation and birth horoscopes Dr. Gauquelin discovered in studying the birth of 25,000 European professionals listed in Who’s Who, that certain planets were found more frequently at the rising or culminating positions in the horoscope.

For example, Mars ascended or culminated in the case of athletes with the probability against chance distribution ranging from 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 1,000,000.

Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior has been internationally recognized as the most important scientific support that Astrology has ever received. Dr. Gauquelin has validated the existence of a correlation between the state of the solar system and human experience.Hans Eysenck, a scientist at the London University Institute of Psychiatry, has praised Dr. Gauquelin’s research. Whatever you think about Astrology, this book is a new and important view for skeptics, scientists and astrologers.DR. MICHEL GAUQUELIN was a leading international researcher, psychologist and statistician. Since 1969 he has been the director of the Laboratory for the Study of the Relationship Between Cosmic and Psycho-Physiological Rhythms in Paris, France.

“Emotionally, I would prefer Gauquelin’s results do not hold, but rationally, I must accept that they do.”  —Hans Eysenck, London University of Psychiatry

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