WHY FLYING ENDANGERS YOUR HEALTH is an uncompromising, hard-hitting expose of air travel opens our eyes for the first time to the serious health risks of flying and will change forever the way people think about air travel.

Is flying really safe? Why has so little been disclosed about the health hazards of flying? Are there some people who should not fly at all? The flying public has been kept in the dark too long about the health dangers of flying. F. S. Kahn reveals the technical causes of health dangers and gives concrete advice on how to avoid these risks.

Two invaluable checklists are provided: one for all passengers; one for high risk health conditions—which will enable you to make informed decisions about whether or not you should fly. Recommendations are given to help alleviate the health stressors routinely encountered in flight. This book is compelling reading for all people who fly and in addition provides previously unavailable information for doctors, psychiatrists, and flight crews.

“. . . this is the first time I have seen such comprehensive coverage in a commercially published book.” —New Scientist

“. . . a controversial health warning to the globe trotting set.” —The Times

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ISBN 0-943358-36-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-36-1
Paperback • 305 Pages • 5 1⁄4” x 8 1⁄4”