THE CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION - Katrina Raphaell, a look inside this third volume in the Crystal Trilogy reveals a whole new dimension of crystal awareness, offering guidelines and instruction on how we, as human beings can become as clear as the crystals and develop the full spectrum of the rainbow ray body.

The crystals are tools and teachers demonstrating how to materially manifest perfected form. Katrina focuses on how we can align ourselves with the perfect cosmic geometric grid of light (as the crystals so purely demonstrate). This would literally change the frequency at which we vibrate. Emphasizing planetary peace, specific information is given to assist individuals in stabilizing their personal identity within their own lighted center of truth, thus establishing entirely new concepts of being. Introduced for the first time are crystals and stones that facilitate this process, the final six Master Crystals and a pure Crystalline Transmission through the writing itself.

Included are:

Specific stones and layouts for individuals suffering from or prone to AIDS
Crystals that facilitate the activation of new chakra centers
Tantric layouts for couples
Stones and Crystals for protection against nuclear radiation
Dematerialization in action
Encoded crystals—the cosmic alphabet
Crystals and stones for the new race of beings birthing onto the Earth
Information of many new stones and crystals to serve our unfoldment in the 1990s.

Crystal Trilogy, Volume 3Look Inside Crystalline Transmission

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ISBN 0-943358-33-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-33-8
Paperback • 304 Pages • 5 1⁄2” X 8 1⁄2”

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