Reuben Amber – Pulse Diagnosis

cover PULSE DIAGNOSIS - Reuben Amber & Babey-BrookeReuban Amber - Pulse Diagnosis explores the most significant diagnostic technique available to the medical profession -  the pulse. This unprecedented text presents a detailed examination of the possible interpretations of this simple indication of the presence of life, from the point of view of four major medical traditions. Included are the historical background, detailed analysis and descriptions of the diagnostic uses of the pulse in Iran, China, India, and the West.

Chinese Healing Precepts
Ayurvedic Philosophy & The Pulse
Technique Of Taking The Pulse
Dreams & The Pulse
The Pregnancy Pulse
The Pulse & Organ Relationships
Arabian Medicine & The Pulse
Diseases & The Pulse
Seasons & The Pulse
The Death Pulse
Pulse Diagnosis is an unparalleled synthesis bridging the gap between contemporary scientific models and the Holistic approach integrating body, mind and spirit in the diagnosis. Dr. Amber offers a treasury of profound insights for all people in the healing professions.

Reuban Amber - Pulse Diagnosis - Detailed Interpretations For Eastern & Western Holistic Treatments

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ISBN 0-943358-41-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-41-3
Paperback • 232 Pages • 6” x 9”

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