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Ronald Davidson Author Synastry

Ronald Davidson - Synastry explores how Astrology can be used as a valuable tool in the understanding of human relationships. This internationally acclaimed book lays the foundation for a comprehensive study by giving a basic view of the principles of chart comparison and interpretation, showing how to apply this information. The author has discovered “The Relationship Horoscope,” an entirely new way of charting, in a single horoscope, the relationship between two people. He also introduces new methods of determining the quality of that relationship. Essential energy patterns and needs are first determined within the natal chart and then various methods of comparing horoscopes are fully explained. Twenty horoscopes further illustrate how to utilize this rich source of information. Whether you are a professional Astrologer or simply learning more about your own innate potential, this book offers information, and guidance that will enrich your insight into relationships and increase self knowledge.

RONALD DAVISON was England’s foremost Astrologer, president of the Astrological Lodge since 1952 and editor of the internationally recognized journal Astrology.

Topics include:

    • Marriage & Relationships
    • The First Meeting Horoscope
    • Various Methods of Comparison
    • Sun Sign Compatibility
    • The Part Of Marriage
    • Planetary Cross Aspects
    • House Interchanges
    • The Relationship Horoscope

Ronald Davidson - Synastry- Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology

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ISBN 0-943358-05-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-05-5
Paperback • 339 Pages • 6” x 9”