The Toxic Time Bomb - Sam Ziff - EXPANDED EDITION 2002 UPDATE
cover - THE TOXIC TIME BOMB - Sam ZiffA significant and shocking exposé of one of the greatest health dangers of our time. The amalgam used to fill teeth is 40 to 50 percent mercury, a known poison. This book explains how mercury migrates from the teeth into the body, affecting our overall health in a dramatic manner. This groundbreaking book includes the following topics and questions:

Mercury in Medicine and Dentistry.
The History of Mercury in Medicine.
The Arguments For and Against.
Do we really have electricity in our mouths?
Measurement of Mercury in the urine
How long does it stay in the body?
Mercury in the body, where does it go?
Does Mercury cause any changes in our tissues and organs?
Does Mercury cause psychiatric and behavioral changes?
Micromercurialism, signs and symptoms
This pioneering book is written in a clear, straightforward manner, ideal for the layman and professional who want to become aware of the body of information currently available on mercury toxicity from dental amalgams. Then, informed, each individual can draw his own conclusions.

“Silver Dental Fillings alerts the reader to the need for more research and understanding of the role that mercury amalgam may have on chronic health dysfunction.” —Jeffery Bland, Ph. D.

The Toxic Time Bomb - Sam Ziff - Can the Mercury in Your Dental Fillings Poison You?

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ISBN 0-943358-24-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-943358-24-6

Paperback • 288 Pages • 6” x 9”

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